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The Difference Between Management And Leadership In School System Free Essay Example, 5250 words

Moreover, the potential of members of the organisation are exploited more fully. An extreme form of leadership is known as charismatic leadership where personality traits are very important and influence over others is very strong. The charismatic leader becomes a true role model for others in the organisation and the followers have high expectations. Other forms of leadership include distributed leadership, in which there is greater delegation, collaborative leadership, in which several members work together committed towards a common good, and moral leadership, which has a strong moral dimension. Another form of leadership, called servant-leadership focuses on caring relationships with others, in which others are involved in the decision making, and which seeks to enhance their personal growth. There are also instructional and learning-oriented forms of leadership that are more closely associated with and could therefore be more relevant for education. The former focuses on developmental aspects, and according to Bush (2003), instructional leadership focuses on direction more so than processes, and on the purpose of education. There is therefore a greater emphasis on both teaching and learning given that these are main objectives of educational institutions. Educational organisations with formal management or managerial leadership tend to have hierarchical and bureaucratic structures and bounded systems. We will write a custom essay sample on The Difference Between Management And Leadership In School System or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now In subjective management or post-modern leadership, it is assumed that organisations are creations of the people working in them, in which situations are interpreted differently according to their individual backgrounds (Bush, 2003). Ambiguity management or situational leadership places emphasis on change within an environment of uncertainty. The unclear goals and processes result in changeable decisions. Ordinarily, management and leadership could be considered as synonymous. However, it would perhaps be more appropriate to describe leadership in general as a form of strategic management. The main differences between ordinary management, and more strategic management descriptive of leadership, are based on two key aspects: scope and timeframe. Under strategic management, the scope of activities is typically much wider and the time frame of planning is much longer. â€Å"Managers seek to integrate tasks so that they are consistent with the values of the school and are mutually compatible† (Bush & Coleman, 2000: 3). This requires a holistic approach in which the manager considers all activities taking place within the organisation and conducts careful and detailed planning that also extends over a long period.

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Reflection Of Education SocratesAllegory Of The Classroom

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been dancing at the same studio with the same dance teachers. Over time, there were several student teachers that came in to teach and learn along with me. Eventually, those teachers were trained enough to be able to teach their own classes. This meant my old teachers were taking their knowledge and trusting others to portray their legacy now that there was no one else to lean on. After switching studio’s, I was able to realize there were many differences in what I knew mentally and what was actually being applied. Socrates’ allegory of the cave was portrayed as a message separating the materialistic features from the mental features in objects. There are many different aspects in dance that are†¦show more content†¦I was in complete shock that all of the basics I had learned at my old studio were not the correct dance moves. After the help and all of the aha moments, I made the decision that leaving my old studio was the best decision I could have made for myself and my ability. Looking back on my experience, there was a lot I could have never imagined would be possible. There is a common technique for dance that should be carried through each teaching. There was not enough teaching from the previous teachers to be able to carry on the lasting legacy for me to succeed. I was trusting to my first teachers to put their all in new teachers to be able to have a great experience but I was let down. Being taught a completely different technique from the true technique set me back from succeeding and expanding my knowledge. If I did not catch it in the long run, it could have affected my whole dance career. Socrates’ allegory was a concept of the light reflecting on the materialistic objects to be able to show others who do not know the truth could potentially see through a shadow to show the object through their mental visions. This allows for the thought to be there, but the truth is not known unt il it is experienced for themselves. By following my gut instinct and reaching to expand my knowledge allowed me to come out of the cave an experience the light outside of the cave. Ever since I have switched dance studios, my ability to do different tricks

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Ojt Termpaper free essay sample

Students who want to work onboard international and domestic vessels after graduation can take advantage of programs that link schools to the real world of work of seafarers. OI offers courses accredited by Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and in-house courses that uses vessels in partnership with 2GO Group (previously Negros Navigation-Aboitiz Transport System), as floating classrooms, as the main training environment. Oceanlink Institute envisions itself to be the preferred provider of skilled and competent maritime, hospitality, and culinary arts professionals Anchored in excellence, they are committed to: Develop students’ competence through the delivery of quality education to meet global requirements of the shipping and other service industries. Provide a harmonious working environment for the employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Comply with the Safety and Environmental Policy and uphold its Corporate Responsibility Program. A. New knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired I acquired and learned various skills through effective application of the theories and concepts learned in our formal education. We will write a custom essay sample on Ojt Termpaper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page exposure and hands-on types of learning are imperative for they teach the students the first-hand experiences and professionalism in the real business world.

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Julius Caesar Play Essays - Cassii, , Term Papers

Julius Caesar Play The play Julius Caesar is an eclectic mix of wise and ignorant, cunning and na?ve, heroes and cowards. The pageantry set forth in the play exemplifies the formality of everyday Roman life and the gravity of the official duties. Each main character in Julius Caesar has a positive quality that embraces the reader and a negative quality that leads to their tragic downfall. Although the characters possess more than two qualities, their strongest, most aggressive points shine through. At the end of the play two characters are forced to penetrate each other's minds and evaluate the good and evil. One is a domineering, egotistical, selfish conspirator. He lacks the power and appraisal that his enemy, Julius Caesar has, and, therefore, uses his envy and jealousy as a drive to convert others to challenge Caesar. His opposing force is a reserved, mediocre man who's only love his the country he stands upon. The powerhouse of confidence versus the dollhouse of reservation ends in an explosion of destruction. Marcus Brutus is the most admirable character in Julius Caesar. He is the only person involved in the conspiracy against Caesar for his country. He truly believes that Caesar's ambition will ruin the fortitude of his beloved Rome. Brutus uses his hidden inner strength to survive the brutality of the conspiracy and the harsh reality of the aftermath. In the beginning of the play, Brutus appears as a quiet lamb. He follows the herd, lives by example, and keeps his thoughts and opinions disclosed from the public masses. Although he is reserved, his undying desire for a better Rome shines through like light flowing from a stained-glass window. When Cassius first confronts Brutus to become a member of the conspiracy, his lacking confidence is evident. Brutus says, "Into what dangers would you lead me, Cassius, / that you would have me seek into myself/ for that which is not in me?" (1.2.45-47). However, his self-assurance grows as the play continues and by the end he stands up for his beliefs and backs them with power. Brutus is admirable for his love and devotion to Rome. He was born Roman and died Roman. His affection for justice and honor is one of the most evident characteristics about him. The opposite of Marcus Brutus is Gaius Cassius. He is a strong-willed, cunning, jealous villain who only wants Julius Caesar dead for his own, selfish reasons. He sees Caesar as an ambitious man who is after more power and control. What Cassius forgets to do is to evaluate his own image and realize his race for personal betterment. Throughout the play, Cassius, like a cat, uses his mind controlling skills to climb his way to the top, not caring whom he pounces on in the end. He converts Brutus to his mere puppet. Cassius dreams of the thoughts and actions and has Brutus carry the negative plans out. Cassius is the most villainous character because he is actually a coward. He is too afraid to go for his goals himself, to work hard and achieve the right to be a leader. Instead, he underhandedly commits other Romans to kill an adored leader for his own selfish merit and his proclaimed "justice." Cassius is even afraid to overcome a challenge with Brutus. Even during a devilish argument in act IV, Cassius gives in to Brutus' desires (4.228-30). He is too afraid of losing his workman and too much of a coward to become the leader. Brutus and Cassius are two opposite characters. Brutus is a compassionate, reserved, humane individual. He knows his goals and desires and goes after them quietly and respectively. He does everything for the good of Rome, even when it comes to sacrificing his life. Cassius, however, is a vile, envious coward, whose mind is like a tempest, longing to thrust danger upon those more powerful than he. Although both die gruesome deaths, Brutus dies an honorable, patriotic soul and Cassius dies a disgraceful, mischievous man.

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Resume Objective: To aquire a part time job in the retail sales industry. I would like to work in a part time capacity after school and on weekends.Languages: Fluently bilingual in writing and speaking French and English Work expereince: 2000 Byway Val Caron I worked as a cashier and also did inventory Baby sitter I have been babysitting since the age of 12 to present.My duties included caring for the children, cooking their meals and help with the cleaning of the house .Volunteer work: 1998 to 1999 July I belonged to the Leo's club where I helped out at numourous dances and the Christmas teleton.I also worked the cask register for the St.Vincent de Paul Society.Education: 1998-2002 Ecole secondaire catholique l'Horizon Val Caron best subjects: Math, computer, science, french and english Interests, hobbies and skills: -listening to music -basketball - listening to ppl -fashion(style) Awards : Math : 1998 Science: 1999 French:2000 French resume: Objectif: Pour saisir un travail a mi-temps d ans l'industrie de ventes au detail.Deutsch: St.-Vincent-de-PaulJe voudrais travailler dans une capacite a mi-temps apres l'ecole et les fins d'semaines Languages parlees et ecrites: Courament bilingue par ecrit et parler en francais et en anglais Experience de travail: 2000 Byway Val Caron J'ai travaille comme caissiere et egalement faite le inventaire Garde les enfants Sa fait longtemps que je soigne les enfants depuis l'age de 12 ans a aujourd'hui. Mes assignement est de soigner les enfants, cuire leur mets et aussi aider a nettoyer la maison.Benevolat: 1998-1999 juillet Je appartenait a une club appeler "Leo's Club" ou j'ai aider a plusieurs danses et le telethon de noel Aussi j'ai travailler comme caissiere a St. Vincent de Paul Societe.Scolarite: 1998-2002 Ecole secondaire catholique l'Horizon Val Caron best subjects: Math, computer, science,

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Corporate governance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Corporate governance - Essay Example After several events, the organization became the fourth largest investment banks in America. The organization filed for bankruptcy protection on September 15, 2008. Due to several reasons and controversies Lehman Brothers collapsed. Global financial crisis, inadequate management style and poor performance of the chairman and managing director, Dick Fuld are the major reasons behind the collapse. Objectively, the reasons behind the collapse can be divided into two groups, such as corporate governance failures and technical issues (Wearing, 2005, p.121). The organization was following very inadequate corporate governance arrangements. Corporate governance is an important and effective system that helps an organization to direct and control (Solomon, 2007, p.52). It helps to determine the activities of the board of an organization. Effective corporate governance practices help an organization to set and address the organizational value. Lack of effective corporate governance practices, lack of transparency, Dick Fuld’s inadequate leadership strategy and neglecting the significance of effective corporate governance drove the organization towards bankruptcy. Corporate Risk Management and Corporate Governance failure Risk was part of Lehman Brothers day-to-day business. ... In reality, the executive committee of Lehman Brother’s met only twice before the bankruptcy in the year 2006 and 2007 respectively (Choudhury, 2012, p.147). Moreover, the organization started to practice high risk business operations before its collapse. In this particular period the organization had to focus on the aggressive growth strategies in order to overcome the challenges. During 2006-2007, Lehman Brothers developed exposures to structured products, risky subprime lending, high-risk lending for leveraged buyout and commercial real estate but it did not considered the fact that the loans were not liquid. In addition, Lehman Brothers exceeded their internal risk limits and higher earning pursuit control. These facts are considered as the beginning of the collapse (Rosenberg, 2012, p.244). It is evident that the top level executives and officers of the organization violated their duties and responsibilities by exposing their firm to potential liability by wrong financial statements. Repo 105 was the specialty of the misleading transactions of Lehman Brothers. Through Repo 105 the organization could remove more than billions of liabilities from the balance sheet. The misuse and existence of Repo 105 is huge controversial and it goes beyond the corporate governance. The specific corporate governance structure of Lehman Brothers can be considered as the pre-programmed plan to collapse. Over mighty CEO, inefficient executive team, power struggle between the key players and top lieutenant exposed the risk factors. The board of the directors was filled with inexperience and non-executive individuals. This was a toxic combination. The major individual in the

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Research in Motion Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

In Motion - Research Paper Example This enhances timely reception and delivery of messages which improve efficiency in business processes. Using this approach, the company introduced the Blackberry as its core product which had a good market reception upon introduction (McQueen, 2010). Despite initial surges in profits, RIM’s products have not remained competitive because of increasing competition from other companies offering better communication platforms and gadgets. Email and SMS have been outdated with introduction of better and more sophisticated communication devices. Samsung Electronics has its Galaxy line of products that allow for direct, video conferencing which enables two people to communicate, via a network, from two different locations. This decline in revenue started in 2011 has made it adopt some survival tactics to remain competitive by reducing operational costs. The company, initially lauded as a high recruiter, shed off 2000 workers in one instance in 2011 thereby drastically reducing its human resource capabilities. Layoffs do not give a company a good image as there are many employees who initiate criminal litigations to demand for their right to stay at their places of service. RIM has organized its employees in teams; this is delegating overall tasks to groups of workers who identify management issues and address them. According to McQueen (2010), one thing lacking in RIM is application of a harmonious working relationship, with effective communication channels among existing employees. This is to improve this teamwork only shown in writing, in the organization’s website. It has had numerous conflicts; a worker wrote a letter to the board of directors in June, 2011 accusing the CEO of having lost direction of the company. The following are human resource initiatives the company should incorporate to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive telecommunications market: The company